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Nordic Innovation

━ Departure


━ Destination

Denmark and Norway

━ Distance

Esbjerg, Aalborg, Stavanger, Kristiansand

━ From

23 oktober 2022

━ Till

29 oktober 2022


Innovation Mission Groningen to Denmark and Norway
Event Description

Hansa Green Tour organizes on behalf of and in cooperation with The Province and Municipality of Groningen, a second innovation mission to the Nordics. The first mission took place 15-21 May this year to Sweden and Finland. Now the second innovation mission to Denmark and Norway will take place from 23-29 October 2022. Goal and ambition of this mission is to reach out and connect with Danish and Norwegian partners to exchange knowledge, discuss common interests and challenges in the energy transition and explore cooperation opportinities in the fields of energy, mobility and human capital.


Upon invitation by Province and/or City of Groningen

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