Hansa Green Tour

The Hansa Green Tour Foundation was created in 2010 to help raise awareness about already available knowledge, products and services in the Hanseatic region in northern Europe regarding sustainable products and sustainable technologies. To learn from ‘best practises’ in those cities and regions that take the lead in sustainability. The northern european Hanseatic region is one of the best performing regions regarding sustainability, renewable energy, education and innovation.

The foundation sees it as her task to connect national sustainability and cleantech organisations and initiatives in northern Europe and share available knowledge. To make this know-how, products and technologies available for those who are interested and help prevent that the wheel is reinvented in several places within Europe and even further. For this reason the foundation organises a unique business networking tour with individual matchmaking programme for its participants to the so-called ‘EU Green Capitals‘ , the most sustainable capitals in Europe. These are those cities that have been appointed as the greenest and most sustainable cities by the European Union competition ‘EU Green Capital

Stockholm was the first city to win this prestigious title in 2010, being the Environment Capital of Europe. This city therefore played a central role in the first edition of the Hansa Green Tour 2010.

Hamburg was the second city to win this title in 2011. From 22 – 24 June the second edition of the Hansa Green Tour took place with 20 companies, 6 sponsors and many programme partners in the Netherlands and Germany. 

The 3rd edition took place 13 – 15 June 2012, Hamburg again was the destination city, this time in particular the new urban district HafenCity. The 4rd edition took place 21-24 August 2013 from The Netherlands to Germany and Poland. The fifth edition took place from 25 – 28 June 2014 with as destination city Copenhagen, EU Green Capital 2014.

From 3 – 6 June 2015 the 6th edition took place from The Netherlands to Germany and Denmark with as final destination Samsø – Renewable Energy IslandIn 2016 we organized the 7th edition from 8th-10th June 2016 where we started at the tidal wave energy plant from Tocardo in Den Oever (NL) and finished at the Mercedes-Benz Plant Bremen. We are now preparing for the 8th edition from 20th – 23rd June to Aalborg in Denmark.

New event: Hansa Green Tour Winter Edition to the World Sustainable Energy Days in Austria

From 23 – 26 February 2016 we organized for the first time the Hansa Green Tour Winter Edition to the World Sustainable Energy Days in Austria, Europe’s largest sustainable energy event. Here our delegation actively participated in the Nearly Zero Energy Buildingsconference and the Energiesparmesse (Energy Tradeshow). All delegates drove 1000 kms in just 1 day to make a statement for electric mobility at the World Sustainable Energy Days.

From 1st – 4th March 2017 we organized successfully the second edition of this Winter Edition to Austria. We presented our Hansa Green Tour delegation at the World Sustainable Energy Days and are thankful for all the Austrian partners that joined us and made this second edition to a great success. For an impression of this Winter Edition you can download the travel reports below or watch the keynote speech at the World Sustainable Energy Days by Roel Swierenga, chairman of the Hansa Green Tour Foundation.