Hansa Green Tour

The Hansa Green Tour Foundation was founded in 2010 by Roel Swierenga to help raise awareness for and showcase sustainable solutions in the Hanseatic region in northern Europe (Netherlands, Germany, Denmark) regarding sustainable products and sustainable technologies. To learn from ‘best practises’ in those cities and regions that take the lead in sustainability. The northern european Hanseatic region is one of the best performing regions regarding sustainability, renewable energy, education and innovation. This is where our name is referring to.

The foundation sees it as her task to connect national sustainability and cleantech organizations and share available knowledge. To make this know-how, products and technologies available for those who are interested, the foundation organizes unique networking tours and trade missions to the largest sustainability events in the world like the World Sustainable Energy Days in Austria and the Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week in the United Arab Emirates. In January 2019 a new event was added, the Iceland Green Tour, a specific and thematic networking tour to learn from Iceland als world leader in geothermal energy.

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