Hansa Green Tour 2017

Programme 8th edition 20 – 23 June 2017:

Day 1 – Tuesday 20th June

  • Start at Agriport A7 in Middenmeer (NL), most modern greenhouse Agropark in the world powered by geothermal heat
  • Visit Enexis + Enexis House in Zwolle (NL), new sustainable regional HQ of leading Dutch energy grid operator
  • Visit Energy Academy Europe in Groningen (NL), most sustainable education building in the Netherlands
  • Visit and networking evening Groningen Seaports in Delfzijl (NL), one of the largest energy production locations in the Netherlands

Day 2 – Wednesday 21st June

Day 3 – Thursday 22nd June

  • Visit Greentech Center in Vejle (DK), Danish smart grid living lab
  • Visit Climate Planet in Aarhus (DK), a unique globe to visualize climate change with NASA technology
  • Visit  Hydrogen Valley in Hobro (DK), hydrogen and biogas center to advance a green transition of the Danish energy system
  • Finish and networking evening House of Energy in Aalborg, cluster for sustainable energy in northern Denmark

Day 4 – Friday 23rd June

Individual journey home Optional: visit the E-Mobil Rallye in Enge-Sande on Saturday 24th June with the first driverless EV contest!

Route map Hansa Green Tour 2017