Electric to the World Sustainable Energy Days!

Just like previous years, Hansa Green Tour will organize a Winter Edition, driving with 100% electric cars from the Netherlands to Austria. 1000 kilometers in 1 day with electric cars to this great event where we will present our delegation and vehicles and share our latest insights in E-Mobility at the Smart E-Mobility Conference. We’ve made our statement to strongly support E-Mobility several times now. Let’s raise the bar again!

Electric Hansa CANNONBALL RUN to Austria!

Wednesday 27 February: Canonball Run to Austria

Day 1: No rules…Who drives fastest from start to finish from the Netherlands to Austria?!

You can participate with a battery electric vehicle with a minimum range of 400 km WLTP, so with all Tesla’s, Hyundai Kona, Kia E-Niro, Jaguar I-Pace, Opel Ampera E, Audi E-tron.

Minimum 2 people per car. Each car can be followed real-time online as each team will report what route they choose, where they are charging, how fast the cars are really charging and what strategy they have: drive fast and charge several times? Or drive slowly and try to avoid unnecessary charging stop(s) and beat the competition by driving the most efficient way? The team that arrives first in Austria wins the trophy for fastest EV driver. The team that arrives fastest with the lowest kWh consumption wins the trophee for smartest and most efficient driver!

Thursday 28 February: Glacier Road to the James Bond Experience Center at 3040 meter altitude

Day 2: Glacier Road, the highest panoramic road in Europe, snow chains obligatory!

This second day we take on the challenge of the Glacier Road and drive with our electric vehicles to the highest point in Europe. This is the location where the spectacular James Bond movie ‘Spectre’ is recorded. Who manages to bring his EV all the way to the top?! How much % battery capacity does it take the participants to drive to the top? And down again, what car can recover the highest % battery capacity by regeneration driving downhill?  Once back in the village all cars will be charged and then we take the cable car lift to the James Bond Experience Center at 3040 meters altitude. Did you know that Jaguar Land Rover build special electric vehicles for the James Bond movie? Let’s find out more at 3040 meters altitude! After lunch at the most spectacular location in Europe part 2 of our electric Canonball Run starts: who will be the fastest to drive to the E-Mobility specialists at the Kaiserhof Hotel in Salzburg?

Friday 1st March: Smart E-Mobility Conference at the World Sustainable Energy Days

Day 3: Presentation of our delegation and electric adventure at the Smart E-Mobility Conference – World Sustainable Energy Days

Early morning departure to the World Sustainable Energy Days in Wels, the largest sustainable energy event in Europe. Here we will exhibit our electric cars and meet the conference participants to share our experiences and lastest insights in E-Mobility. In the afternoon there is a free program so you can visit the trade show and/or we will organize an E-Mobility excursion nearby and visit the trade show. We close our program at a nice location with great food to look back on this electric adventure. Saturday 2nd March everybody drives home.

Saturday 2nd March: individual home journey


Participation costs and registration:

Participation costs for a team of 2 persons are € 3.000,- or € 1.500,- per person (prices are excl. VAT).

The price is including 3 overnight stays in premium hotels (incl. breakfast), dinners, access to the Glacier Road, cable car ticket to the top at 3040 meter altitude and entry to the James Bond Experience Center (incl. lunch) and participation in the Smart E-Mobility Conference of the World Sustainable Energy Days. Also included in the price is a journalist, professional cameraman and photographer to make videos from all participants that can be used for your own use and can be shared at different online platforms and social media channels.

Limited seats available.


Participation is possible only with 100% battery electric vehicles with a minimum driving range of 400 km. Winter tires and snow chains are obligatory. Minimum 2 people per car. Each team is obliged to report real-time about their electric adventure like what route are you driving, what strategy to follow (drive fast and charge more times or drive slow and charge less?), charging performance at different charging stations (Tesla Superchargers versus IONITY, Allego etc). Objective is to visualize progress of the participants and compare performance of electric vehicles and charging infrastructure.

For participating companies that want to use this unique electric Hansa Cannonball Run for commercial communication purposes several sponsoring packages are available. For more info please contact Roel Swierenga at tel: +31 6 55567218 and/or by email at info@hansagreentour.com


Date: 27 February-1 March 2019
Time: 08.00 - 20.00
Place: Austria