Biomass & European Energy Efficiency conference World Sustainable Energy Days

3 – 6 March 2020 Hansa Green Tour organizes a Biomass & European Energy Efficiency delegation to the conferences at the World Sustainable Energy Days in Wels, Austria. The largest renewable energy event in Europe. Experts from over 50 countries come together 3-6 March 2020 in Austria to share their latest insights and developments in biomass energy & energy efficiency.

Biomass and energy efficiency is causing hot political debates in the Netherlands and other countries across Europe. Pro’s and con’s, disagreement about emissions related to biomass, disagreement about biomass as a sustainable energy source. The EU recognizes biomass as a sustainable and climate neutral energy source, whereas many scientists disagree and point out the negative effects of burning biomass that would lead to short term increase of emission of hazardous materials like nitrogen, small dust particles and CO2. For new biomass and trees to grow and capture CO2 from the air, it would take far too long and we don’t have any time to waste.

In the Netherlands this discussion has become very polarized. Either you are in favour of biomass as (sustainable) energy source, or you are against it. But how do experts from other countries engage this topic? How do other countries deal with biomass energy and energy efficiency?

Austria has a long tradition of sustainable use of biomass for energy. Together with the World Sustainable Energy Days, Hansa Green Tour organizes Tuesday 3rd March a full day of excursions to biomass initiatives and installations. The next 2 days we will participate in the Biomass/Pellets conference as well as the European Energy Efficiency conference organized by the World Sustainable Energy Days. Experts from over 50 countries will share their latest insights and developments, participate in the discussions and join the World Sustainable Energy Days diner.

Are you involved in biomass, energy efficiency and/or the energy transition? Then this is an outstanding opportunity to share knowledge and experiences!


See for more informatie about the World Sustainable Energy Days the program details below or the information at the bottom of this page.

Download program PelletConference-FirstAnnouncement-2020

Download program EnergyEfficiencyConference-FirstAnnounemet-2020


Participation costs:

The participation costs are € 500,- per person and are excluding travel and accommodation costs and conference fees.

Upon request and sufficient participation, Hansa Green Tour can organize travel and accommodation.


You can register by sending us an email to or contact Roel Swierenga at tel: +31 6-55567218

What are the World Sustainable Energy Days (WSED)?

The clean energy transition is taking on a new dynamic in Europe and worldwide. “Energy efficiency first” and “global leadership in renewables” are at the centre of this transformation process. This requires strong policies, competitive businesses, technology innovation, investments and the involvement of the citizens. By addressing these topics and more, the annual World Sustainable Energy Days attract over 660 participants from over 50 countries each year.

Who attends the event?

  • A wide range of business actors engaged in the energy transition: technology and equipment companies, energy companies, service providers, planners, developers, financing sector etc.
  • the sustainable energy research community
  • representatives from public bodies (e.g. EU institutions, national, regional and local governments, energy agencies)
  • Over 660 experts each year from more than 60 countries!

Value for your time!

In just 3 days, you can profit from a comprehensive package:

  • up-to-date information on markets, policies, technologies, financing, business models, research and case studies
  • hands-on experience through technical site visits
  • a tradeshow with 1,600 exhibiting companies
  • new business opportunities
  • valuable networking possibilities
  • Austrian hospitality!

Clean. Competitive. Connected


Date: 3-6 March 2020
Time: 08:00 hours - 12:00 hours
Address: Austria
Place: Wels, Austria