Hansa Green Tour Xmas Drink

Hansa Green Tour invites all participants, program partners and sponsors from all Hansa Green Tour editions for a Xmass Drink to reunite at the beautiful location of Claessens Erdmann in Amsterdam.

Hans Erdmann, one of the founders and owners of Claessens Erdmann and active in the Hansa Green Tour from the very first hour, will welcome us in his world of creating sustainable and meaningful places. Together we will look back at 8 years of Hansa Green Tours as well as look ahead at 2018 with a new and spectacular Hansa Green Tour program. And as the creator of the Amsterdam Light Festival as well as the Illuminade, Hans Erdmann will take us into beautiful Amsterdam by night. Drinks and food included.

Registration will open soon (upon invitation only).


Date: 15 December 2017
Time: 16:00
Address: Claessens Erdmann
Place: Amsterdam