De toekomst van E-Mobility met Volkswagen

April 2nd 2019 Hansa Green Tour organizes in cooperation with Volkswagen Emden and Automotive NordWest a specialist meeting about the future of E-Mobility.

Roel Swierenga, Chairman of Hansa Green Tour, will take the participants on a journey in the world of E-Mobility and challenge the German automotive industry to push harder for E-Mobility. By showcasing E-Mobility developments in the Netherlands and interesting examples Hansa Green Tour has demonstrated over the years. But Volkswagen does not sit still, change is about to come… Not only will the Volkswagen factory in Emden be transformed into a 100% electric vehicle production plant, also the entire Volkswagen Group will stop with further development of internal combustion engines by 2026. Change is coming, what can we expect? How will the future of E-Mobility look like for Volkswagen? That we will discuss with Volkswagen and the German industry partners at Automotive NordWest.

VW Emden – E-Mobilität und die Zukunft

Datum: 2 April

Time: 11.00 – 13.45 hours

Location: VW Werk Emden, Niedersachsenstrasse – Emden

Registration with ID is required

Download the program here: VW Emden E-Mobiltät Programm 2. April



Exclusive for Hansa Green Tour relations 20 tickets have been reserved by Volkswagen.

For participation and more information please contact Roel Swierenga at tel: +31 6-55567218 or send an email to


Date: 2 April 2019
Time: 11.00 uur - 15.00
Address: Niedersachsenstraße 1, 26723 Emden, Duitsland
Place: Emden