THE NETHERLANDS: Reinier van den Berg – RTL Television

“The climate is changing. The world is warming up. Icecaps are melting, sealevels are rising, rainfall is getting more extreme and deserts are expanding. Alarming signals. Overdone? I wish that was true! I follow these climate changes as closely as I can for already more then 10 years. This inconvenient scenario is unfortunately getting more and more clear.

Therefore it is surprising to see that there is still so much resistance to make our society and economy more sustainable. In corporate life I am happy to see more and more initiatives to go green. Companies see the necessity and relevance to become more sustainable and to outperform their competition in being more green, more sustainable. The marketforces are pushing that way. Great!

In participating in the Hansa Green Tour you can see very well what the power and possibilities are to make large sustainable changes. A brilliant initiative!”

Reinier van den Berg, ambassador Hansa Green Tour

Climatologist RTL Television