datum 17 march 2010

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About Eneco

Eneco is an international sustainable energy company, with activities in The Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Germany, France and Belgium. Our headquarters are located in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.







Belgium is the second country where Eneco operates as an energy supplier on the retail market (since 2011) and on the business market (since 2008). Eneco also constructs and maintains wind turbine parks and solar projects in Belgium.


Gas is the cleanest fossil fuel, so to offer our customers the best possible service, in partnership with Eneco Gasspeicher, we have constructed our own gas storage facility just over the border in Epe, Germany. It has a storage capacity of 100 million cubic metres of gas in two underground salt caverns.



In France, Eneco operates a 0.6 megawatt hydroelectric power station, as well as being involved in a range of solar energy projects.

United Kingdom

In the UK, Eneco maintains wind parks that are already in production and develops new ones.

The Netherlands

Eneco supplies energy – gas, electricity, heating and cooling – to over two million private and business customers in the Netherlands. We strive to make as much of this energy as possible sustainable. We produce energy and, in partnership with customers and interest groups, we develop sustainable solar, wind, bio, geothermal and green gas energy projects

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