datum 12 april 2017

Ambassadors Hansa Green Tour

DENMARK: Preben Bir-Pedersen, Cluster Manager House of Energy

House of Energy is a cluster for sustainable energy technologies and production in the Northern region of Denmark. We connect businesses with knowledge institutions and are a strong platform that gives you one access to energy skills and resources in the Northern region of Denmark. 400 researchers from Aalborg University and 400 companies from the Northern region of Denmark are the core of House of Energy.

In House of Energy, we work to strengthen the growth in our members’ companies. Our goal is to create new products and solutions, more companies and jobs, as well as increase turnover and export.


GERMANY: Dr.Axel B. Röpke - Vice President German Wind Energy Association (BWE), Chairman BWE Hamburg

"We all see the global challenge on sustainable growth and social responsibility for the next generation. However within a global world one can always consider this challenge being too big for himself.

Delivering local solutions to global problems seems the right approach to start tackling the future. This is why we should not lose focus on local and regional activities. The Hansa Green Tour is making a brilliant approach and bringing the historical league of the hanseatic merchants back together – though in a modern sustainable focus.

Reviving this several hundred years old tradition of merchants networking and doing business together will gain a win-win situation for all participants. In sharing your thoughts and initiatives at the Hansa Green Tour you can see the opportunities to make a change."

Dr. Axel B. Röpke, lawyer, ambassador Hansa Green Tour

Vice President German Wind Energy Association, Chairman of the board German Wind Energy Association, Hamburg Chapter Partner at Sagawe & Klages Rechtsanwälte in Hamburg


THE NETHERLANDS: Reinier van den Berg - RTL Television

"The climate is changing. The world is warming up. Icecaps are melting, sealevels are rising, rainfall is getting more extreme and deserts are expanding. Alarming signals. Overdone? I wish that was true! I follow these climate changes as closely as I can for already more then 10 years. This inconvenient scenario is unfortunately getting more and more clear.

Therefore it is surprising to see that there is still so much resistance to make our society and economy more sustainable. In corporate life I am happy to see more and more initiatives to go green. Companies see the necessity and relevance to become more sustainable and to outperform their competition in being more green, more sustainable. The marketforces are pushing that way. Great!

In participating in the Hansa Green Tour you can see very well what the power and possibilities are to make large sustainable changes. A brilliant initiative!"

Reinier van den Berg, ambassador Hansa Green Tour

Climatologist RTL Television


USA: Dr. Dinesh Kumar - President of Global Energy Initiative

"The profound and complex implications of climate change and the world’s dependence on fossil fuels present enormous challenges. To meet the growing energy needs of the developing countries without compromising the struggling global economy or adding unacceptable amounts of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere will require a multi-dimensional range of social policies and technical innovations.

At Global Energy Initiative, we are working to encourage a broad coalition of leaders and experts from around the world to seize this moment and work together to address the energy needs of the haves and the have-nots in a sustainable and economically viable way. We recognize that sustainable energy solutions may be found at all levels of society, and we’ve found that the most promising innovations often occur at the local level, where concerned and motivated entrepreneurs develop niche solutions that might be promoted on a global scale.

By promoting the latest technological advances in sustainable mobility, the Hansa Green Tour shows the world that sustainable energy can provide power and mobility without adding to the greenhouse gases that threaten our well-being. At the same time, by showcasing sustainability initiatives in cities throughout Europe, the Green Tour promotes local initiatives that successfully implement green solutions while retaining a healthy and vibrant community.
As we work to engage leaders from industry, government, and the non-profit sectors to forge a productive coalition to fashion a new approach to sustainable energy, I applaud the innovators at the local level and wholeheartedly support the efforts of the Hansa Green Tour to show the world what is possible."


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