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From the 23rd - 26th February we organized the Hansa Green Tour Winter Edition to the World Sustainable Energy Days in Austria.

It was the first time we drove 1000 kms in just 1 day with electric cars from the Netherlands to Austria. Not because we had to...but to make a statement for E Mobility! On our way we visited the impressive BMW Welt in Munich and stayed in the E Mobility Hotel Kaiserhof in Salzburg, a unique meeting place for E Mobility enthusiasts. The next day we drove to the finish line in Wels where we actively joined the World Sustainable Energy Days. Our delegation received a great welcome. Together with Dutch Ambassador Mr. Marco Hennis in Vienna our delegation visited the large Energy Trade Show and we joined the networking dinner. Day 3 we participated actively in the Nearly Zero Energy Building conference where Roel Swierenga, Chairman of Hansa Green Tour, presented several 'best practices' from our delegation around the topic 'Integration of electric vehicles in smart homes'. 



From the 3rd - 6th June 2015 the sixth edition of the Hansa Green Tour took the participants from the start at the Province House Drenthe in Assen (NL) to Samsø, the Renewable Energy Island in Denmark. In this edition we visited at day 1 the new windfarm from Eneco to power the new Google datacenter in the Eemshaven with 100% renewable energy, the new Energy Experience Center in Aurich and the Future Center (Zentrum Zukunft from the german energy and utility company EWE. Day 2 we visited the impressive Mercedes-Benz Plant in Bremen and drove a connection stage of 310 km to Sønderborg in Denmark. There we organized an evening program together with ProjectZero, the Danish CLEAN cluster, the University of Southern Denmark and the City Council of Sønderborg. The last day we visited the very interesting Green Tech Center in Vejle, took the LNG passenger ferry to Samsø to finish there at the Energy Academy Samsø.

For more information about our 2015 program, please click here

Below you can find the daily reports of the tour:

Day 1, Wednesday 3rd June 2015: Assen - Delfzijl - Aurich - Emstek

Day 2, Thursday 4th June: Bremen - Busdorf - Sønderborg

Day 3, Friday 5th June: Vejle - Samsø

For an impression of the Hansa Green Tour 2015 to Samsø you can watch our video here



The start of the 5th edition of the Hansa Green Tour in 2014 was at the Province House of the Hanseatic city Groningen, went via Bremen and Hamburg and ended in the Hanseatic city Copenhagen. Copenhagen was the EU Green Capital 2014, the most sustainable capital in Europe.

Central theme that year was 'Sustainable Energy' and it was the second time that the tour was driven as "Eco-Challenge" which means that the team that managed to drive from Start to Finish with the lowest carbon footprint won the "Sustainable Mobility Hero" award of the tour. This time the award was won by Friesland Lease by driving with a Tesla S that was charged with electricity from wind and solar energy. For the press release click here. For the first time in the event we had a participant driving with a truck on (BIO) LNG, Rolande LNG. As Rolande had the largest CO2 savings per vehicle they were awarded as 'most remarkable participant' of the tour. For the press release click here.

For more information about the 2014 program, please click here

Below you can find the daily reports of the tour:

Day 1: 25th June, Groningen - Delfzijl - Wijster - Lathen (D)

Day 2: 26th June, Werlte - Bremen - Hamburg

Day 3: 27th June, Hamburg - Puttgarden - Rødby - Copenhagen

For an impression of the Hansa Green Tour 2014 to Copenhagen you can watch our video here




The 2013 Hansa Green Tour started again in Groningen, went via Bremen and Hamburg and ended in the Hanseatic city Goléniow in Poland. The central theme of that year's programme was "Sustainable Mobility" and again participants drove with eco-friendly cars. However, it was the first year that the Hansa Green Tour was driven as an "Eco-Challenge" which means that the participant who finished the tour with the lowest carbon footprint won the "Sustainable Mobility Hero" award of the tour. The award was won by OAMKB by driving the tour with a VW Up EcoFuel on biogas.

For more information about the 2013 programme, please click here

Below you can find the reports of the 2013 tour:

Day 1 - 21.August: Groningen (NL) - Eelde - Pesse - Wijster - Lathen (D) - Werlte (D)

Day 2 - 22.August: Werlte (D) - Bremen - Geesthacht - Hamburg

Day 3 - 23.August: Hamburg - Grevesmuhlen - Warnemunde/Rostock - Goleniow (P)

For an impression of the Hansa Green Tour 2013 click here for the video.



The third edition of the Hansa Green Tour took place from 12 - 15 June 2012. Again Hamburg was the destination city, in particular the new urban district Hafen City.

Central theme of this third edition was "Sustainable Energy." How can we build and realise a sustainable city? How do we make a transition to a more sustainable energy production and lifestyle? And how can we achieve a good balance between all stakeholders involved?

With electric, hybrid and alternative energy cars the Hansa Green Tour participants drove from Groningen Airport Eelde to Hamburg HafenCity.

You can download the 2012 programme and list of participants here

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Hansa Green Tour 2011

The second editon of the Hansa Green Tour to Hamburg took place 22nd - 24th June 2011.

Together with 20 companies we traveled with electric-, hybrid- and biogas vehicles from Groningen (NL) to Hamburg, EU Green Capital 2011. Central theme in this 2011 edition was 'Future Energy'.

You can download the 2011 programme and list of participants here.

The Hansa Green Tour 2011 started in Groningen at the Rabobank, main sponsor in the 2011 edition. After registration and a warm welcome by Rabobank Groningen the tour was kicked off by RTL Television wheaterforecaster Reinier van de Berg, a well-known climatologist. His very inspiring presentation can be downloaded here.

All participants now drove with their electric and biofuel cars to the first stop in Delfzijl  to visit the brand new E.On Waste to Energy facility. Here participants learned more about converting waste into energy.

From the E.On facility in Delfzijl, participants now drove into Germany for the next stop in Aurich. Here the first networking event was organized at Sparkasse Aurich together with our partner Climate Center North

Here several interesting presentations (see programme) were followed by a networking lunch with regional authorities and enterpreneurs.

After fast-charging the electric cars with high voltage the participants set course to City Airport Bremen. Participants were allowed to drive in convoy over the runway and received a warm welcome!

After learning more about Green Sustainable Airports we went out to the city center to meet our programme partner Wirtschaftsförderung Bremen (Bremen Economic Development). After a very interesting presentation about sustainable entrepreneurship ('Unternehmen Nachhaltigkeit') a typical German 'Grill Abend' was organized by Bremen Economic Development at the Wilhelm Wagenfeld Haus.

This first day was closed with a nice guided city walk in Bremen's beautiful ancient city center where the history of the Hansa, core geographical region for our Hansa Green Tour, could be felt and seen everywhere. A city that can be proud of its glorious past.

The second day the tour went first to Bremerhaven to visit the exciting Klimahaus Bremerhaven, a worldclass climate & sustainability exploration and education center. After our climatic tour 8 degrees east around the world we set out to our final destination, Hamburg.

Due to severe traffic congestion several participants arrived more then 2 hours late for our networking programme at the Marriott Hotel, our eco event partner in Hamburg.

Together with our programme partners in Hamburg, Hamburg Business Development Corporation, Bundesverband für Windenergie HH and the Netherlands Business Support Office we decided to cancel the last part of the event, a very interesting visit to HafenCity and the Sustainability Pavilion ('Nachhaltigkeitspavillion'). 

As HafenCity is europe's largest sustainable innercity development project we will have to come back to Hamburg with the Hansa Green Tour in 2012 and make the Sustainable City the central theme for 2012!

To see a picture gallery of the 2011 event click here.

To watch the 2011 video production click here.


Hansa Green Tour 2010

The first edition of the Hansa Green Tour to Oslo, Stockholm and Linköping took place 27th - 30th September 2010.

We travelled with a small group of companies to do a short alternative version of the intended Hansa Green Tour. The goal of this networking event was for the participants to see for themselves the latest developments in sustainable solutions in Scandinavia and to learn from 'best practises'. Highlight was to visit Stockholm as the first EU Green Capital 2010.

The first stop was in Oslo to join the North European Renewable Energy Convention. For a summary of this event please click here.

From Oslo the journey continued to Stockholm for a cleantech tour to the highlights of this sustainable city. Under guidance of a senior architect, our group visited the sustainable city district Hammarby Sjostad and the underground waste sort system from Envac. This district attracts visitors from all over the globe to be inspired for sustainable city planning. Visit to Hammarby Sjostad

The experiences learned from Hammarby will also be used in the new to be built citydistrict Royal Seaport to even increase sustainable living standards. The Dutch delegation visited the new infocenter and is very interested in exploring business opportunities with local partners.

After meetings with Stockholm Business Development Region and the Sweden Green Tech Builing the journey continued towards Linköping to meet Cleantech Östergötland, one of the leading cleantech networks in Sweden.Visit to Cleantech Östergötland

You can download the eventbrochure 2010 here


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